Heating element butt welding machines for construction site

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Our high quality site welding machines are mainly designed for mobile use on site e.g. pipe trench for welding gas, water and sewage pipelines. The individual welding machines cover different dimension ranges.

Our construction site machines are available up to outer pipe dimension d 3500 in different design variants. The majority of the electro-hydraulic welding machines can be supplied with an SPA logging unit or a CNC control unit on request.
By using CNC units on site machines you get a reproducible welding parameter recording. The controlled welding parameter is based on the values of international regulations.

Heating element butt welding machines for the shop

The hot plate butt welding machines for the workshop are mainly used for the prefabrication of isometrics or for the production of special shaped parts. This product group includes various machines with different dimensional ranges. The application range for the smallest stationary machine starts at d 50 up to d 160. Our currently largest machine allows the welding of pipes and fittings up to a dimension of d 2400.

According to your requirements, you can choose between different versions: from the manual to semi-automatic  up to CNC controlled machine with many monitoring and logging functions.

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