IR and WNF welding

For industry and clean room

IR-Schweißmaschine für Industrie-Anwendungen

Infrared (IR) and bead and groove free (WNF) welding are proven methods for applications in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.
Our SP IR and WNF welding machines are suitable for joining High Purity Purad PVDF, PP-Pure and PP-natural material as well as standard material types.
The SP IR and WNF welding machines are computer controlled and ensure reliable reproducibility of welded joints. They allow complete traceability of each welding operation.

IR & WNF - machine types and dimensional ranges:


SP 110S V3 from da 20 - da 110 mm
SP 250S V3 from da 110 - da 250 mm
SP 315S V3 from da 110 - da 315 mm

IR Schweißmaschine

Bead and crevice free(WNF)

SP 110B from da 20 - da 63 mm

Schweißmaschine Wulst- und Nutfrei


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