Condensate collectors for biogas application

Our condensate collectors made of PE 100, which were specially developed for biogas plants, can be retrofitted in new plants as well as in existing biogas plants. Depending on the installation location and the amount of condensate produced, the following 3 basic types can be used.

Kondensatsammler Typ I

Type I
Condensate quantity: approx. 13 l

With our condensate collector type I, small amounts of condensate can be collected even in the most confined spaces. When emptying, the condensate container is separated from the biogas line by a ball valve. This allows the condensate to be pumped out safely. Also, available as a retrofit version for plants already in operation.

Kondensatsammler Typ II

Type II
Condensate quantity: up to 150 l

The condensate collector type II is available in horizontal and vertical versions, which can be used in wide, low or narrow, deep excavations, depending on the available space. Safe pumping out of the condensate is also possible due to the lockable condensate container.

Kondensatsammler Typ III

Type III
Condensate quantity: 150 - 500 l

Type III is supplied preassembled at the factory and is particularly suitable for large condensate volumes. The shaft has connection adapters: for automatic condensate return, for safe aeration and ventilation and for condensate volume expansion.

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