XXL large-diameter pipes and fittings

For decades, PE pipe systems have been used successfully in industry and in gas and water supply worldwide. In addition to the permanently material-fit welded joints and the high resistance, they offer an extremely long service life (≥ 100 years).

XXL Rohrsysteme

AGRU XXL Piping-System

Extruded pipes and fittings up to DA 3500

With the AGRU XXL Piping-System it is now possible for the first time to supply extruded PE pipes up to DA 3500. Due to the extrusion process used in the production, seamless pipe strings up to 600 m (!) are realizable.

Produktion XXL Rohrstystem
Rohre XXL
XXL Piping System

Delivery program: XXL large-diameter pipes and large-diameter fittings made of PE

Extrudierte Großrohre und Formteile
Extrudierte und aus Rohr geformte Bauteile

XXL large-diameter pipes from expert!

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PE spiral pipes

XXL pipes and fittings up to DN 4000

For industrial applications we offer PE spiral pipes up to nominal diameter DN 4000. Due to the special winding process wall thicknesses up to 450 mm can be realized. In addition to standard fittings and flanges, we also produce special components, such as pulling heads, diffusers and reducers.

Produktion der XXL Rohrstysteme
Wickelverfahren XXL Rohrsysteme

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