FRANK PKS ® - perforated pipe

For the collection and infiltration of groundwater and surface water

PKS Sickerwassersystem

Our easy-to-install PKS® perforated pipe systems for drainage application or to collect and temporary store surface water and to drain it out in the enviroment s. In addition to the design and dimensioning (> DN 500 to DN 2400), the hole pattern can also be manufactured individually according to customer requirements.

Facts about PKS® perforated pipe system

  • flexibly adaptable structure
  • different profile types allow cost-optimized design
  • available as full or partial perforated pipe in 6 m length
  • easy to install due to molded socket and spigot end
  • circular and clean hole pattern, as the holes are drilled and reworked in cold condition
  • variable hole cross-section with at least 100 cm²/m entry area, the standard being defined as d 13 mm; special holes from d 5 to d 15 mm in various hole geometries are possible
  • low water ingress resistance, as perforations are only made between the profiles or in the area of smaller wall thicknesses
  • we can also supply you with the appropriate geotextiles for the sheathing

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