Spiral pipes made of plastic for industry

PP Wickelrohre

Ventilation pipes. Storage tanks. Pressure piping.

Spiral pipes made of PE and PP have proven themselves over many years for tank and apparatus construction, as well as ventilation technology. FRANK spiral pipes are of high quality and offer the processor and the end customer a maximum of safety.


Production of spiral pipes

The FRANK spiral pipes are manufactured using the winding process in accordance with DIN 16961. Here, a homogeneous plasticized tape is wound in a spiral on an inner core (steel core) and connected to one another by overlapping. The fixed inner core ensures a constant inner diameter (DN) even with different wall thicknesses or loads. The wall thicknesses and gradations are designed and manufactured individually according to the operating conditions.

Materials for the production of spiral pipes

Spiral pipes are available in the thermoplastics PE 100, PE 100-RC, PP-R, PP-B and PP-H as well as in the special materials PE-el, PPs and PPs-el. The materials used are characterized by good processability and good resistance to a wide range of acids and alkalis, as well as other media.

Applications for spiral pipes:

  • Ventilation pipes
  • Storag tanks for water-polluting substances
  • Apparatus and tank construction
  • Pressure pipeline

Spiral pipe delivery range:

  • Material: PE 100, PE 100-RC, PE-el, PP-R, PP-B, PPs, PPs-el (coextruded)
  • Dimension: from DN 300 mm up to DN 3500 mm pipe length: max. 6000 mm
  • max. wall thickness: up to 100 mm, for semi-finished products 400 mm
  • from DN 300 mm up to DN 2400 mm the spiral pipes are also available with formed electrofusion socket

Quality and external monitoring of our spiral pipes:

The high-quality standard is documented in the general building inspection approval of the German Institute for Building Technology. Furthermore, the following points are externally monitored by "Hessel Ingenieurtechnik":

  • Production of spiral pipes made of PE 100 and PP with DIBt approval Z-40.26-359 (PE 100), Z-40.26-343 (PPR)
  • Production of pipes and fittings according to DIN 16961
  • Production of spiral pipes for storage tanks according to WHG § 62
  • all results of the tests carried out on the spiral pipes can be documented by an acceptance test certificate 3.1 according to EN 10204 and can be supplied on request

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