Drinking water storage systems

Drinking water storage tanks | well pits | source collection, drinking water control shafts | Agrusafe and Hydroclick lining system

FRANK FTW®-systems made of durable and environmentally friendly PE (polyethylene) enable the source collection and safe storage of drinking water. We use the best and most suitable materials for the production, for example  DVGW-approved and KTW-tested PE materials. With the adaptable and configurable FTW®-modules - which are the coiled tubing process - we can build tubular storage tanks up to DN 3500. This has already enabled our customers to build FRANK drinking water storage tanks with a capacity of over 1200 m³ (equivalent to 1200,000 liters) successfully into operation. Due to the modular design of the system tanks, our FTW®-systems, systems for drinking water production and storage can be adapted to customer requirements. The factory pre-assembled modules and components, facilitate on the construction site allow due to their low weight very short assembly times, which means the tanks can usually go short termed in operation. Another advantage of FTW drinking water tanks made of PE is the smooth surface with low incrustation, as well as very good and easy cleaning.
Summing up: FTW®-structures can be build ecologically, economically and fast. After a service life, estimated far more than 100 years, FTW components can be easily recycled.

In addition to drinking water storage, our PE tubular storage tanks can also be used to store fire-fighting water. Alternatively, we offer our resistant PE linings for new construction and for the coating of concrete water tanks, named HydroClick® and AGRUSAFE®.

Benefits PE
lining systems

  • ≥100 years service life
  • 100% recyclable
  • made of environmentally friendly PE
  • low maintenance
  • adaptable
  • pure (physiologically harmless) and storage features

Benefits FTW®
water storage

  • ≥100 years service life
  • 100% recyclable
  • made of environmentally friendly PE
  • low maintenance
  • adaptable in module
  • pure (physiologically harmless) and storage feature

FTW® Drinking Water Storage Tank Projects


Time-lapse video

FTW® drinking water system Spitzingsee (in the Alps in the south of Bavaria) of the market Schliersee at 1400 m above sea level directly next to the Schönefeldhütte: 2x water chambers DN2700 3 m with 15 m³ usable volume each armature chambers DN3000.

Aschau Kampenwand

Project: FTW® Drinking water reservoir Aschau im Chiemgau

  • approx. 5,000 meters PE 100 pipes - pipes da 75 and da 90 - partly in PN 25
  • 1 pc. elevated tank DN 2000 with slide chamber DN 2500 and capacity of 2 x 3 m³ for the "Steinling-Alm".
  • 1 pc. elevated tank DN 2500 with slide chamber DN 2700 and capacity of 2 x 10 m³ for the "Sonnenalm".
  • 2 pcs. storage tank DN 2400 with 15 m³ capacity each for "Lochgraben".
  • approx. 5,500 meters of PE 100 pipes - pipes da 63 to da 180 in pressure rating up to PN 16
FTW® Trinkwasserspeicher Kelkheim

Project: FTW® drinking water reservoir Kelkheim (Ruppertshain)

  • Valve chamber DN 3500 with 9 m length
  • 2 water chambers DN 3000 each 14 m long
  • capacity 2x100 m³
FTW Oswald

Project: FTW® Drinking water storage tank HTI St. Oswald

  • FTW® Drinking water storage tank DN3500
  • valve chamber DN3500 9,5 m long
  • 2x water chambers DN3500
  • each 150 m³ usable volume and 18 m length

Project: FTW® drinking water reservoir Elbtal

  • 800 m³ usable volume
  • 42 m length
  • DN3000

On this picture, you can see the inner workings of a FTW® drinking water reservoir - more precisely, the control chamber.

Hofstetten Biereck 2 x 20 m³

Project: FTW® Drinking water storage Hofstetten Biereck

  • 2 x 20 m³ usable volume
  • FTW® -drinking water reservoir DN2700 made of PE

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