Industrierohrsysteme aus Kunststoff

Industrial pipe systems

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FRANK offers pipe systems for industrial and chemical applications made of high-quality plastics such as PE 100-RC, PP, PVDF or ECTFE, which ensure the transport of media even under the most adverse operating conditions. Our high-tech products are used successfully worldwide for industrial pipeline construction, tanks, the chemical industry, the semi-conductor and electroplating industry, for compressed and exhaust air technology and for swimming pool construction.








Our industrial pipe systems are safe, durable and economical

FRANK pipe systems, fittings and semi-finished products offer unique properties and are therefore ideally suited for use in industrial plant construction. In addition to their long service life, our products are easy to install and cost-efficient. Our industrial pipe systems made of plastic can also resist aggressive chemicals and are ideally suitable for the transport of aggressive media, such as acids. Because every plant construction has highly specific requirements for the pipe system, our product range includes special plastics for industry, such as PVDF, ECTFE. Thanks to their corrosion resistance, our plastic pipe systems are also used for cooling water. FRANK industrial pipe systems have also proven their worth in media supply for decades.

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