Tapping saddles and valves out of PE 100-RC

Reliable. Durable. Maintenance-free.

Due to their special construction and high-quality material, our valves for gas and potable water supply are designed for a long and maintenance free service life. We therefor use e.g. for our pressure tapping saddle a stainless steel spindle with a fixed stop. The PE ball valve is equipped with a glass fiber reinforced cage to ensure a permanent operation even after decades of service.

Our valves and tapping saddles meet the highest DVGW requirements and have all essential certifications. The PE Ball valve and the tapping saddles are designed for a save gas and hydrogen supply.

Made in Europe

Our saddle’s and valves are produced in modern production facilities with raw high-performance materials by our long term Partner AGRU Kunststofftechnik Gesellschaft m.b.H. in Austria. This ensures consistent high quality and long service life of our products.

Overview of valves for gas and potable water distribution

Übersicht Armaturen für den Versorgungsbereich

Application areas for saddles and valves:

  • Gas- and potable water supply
  • H₂ hydrogen supply
  • Sewage line
  • Biogas supply
  • Geothermal systems
  • Industrial piping systems
  • Piping systems for navals architecture
  • Fire protection piping systems

For more information about PE 100-RC pressure tapping valve and ball valve, please click here:


Pressure tapping valve (DAV) for drinking water pipes:

  • DW-6611AS2161 (da 63 - 315 mm)

Pressure tapping valve (DAV) for gas pipes:

  • DG-4511CQ0130 (da 63 - 315 mm)

Tapping clamp (ABS) for gas lines:

  • DG-4511BR0513 (da 63 - 315 mm)

Ball valve for drinking water pipes:

  • DW-6210CP0116 (da 32 - 225 mm)

Ball valve for gas lines:

  • DG-4394BU0344 (da 32 - 225 mm)

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