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Plastic valves are an indispensable component for water treatment. Whether for environmental technology, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy or semiconductor production, FRANK supplies durable and resistant plastic and special valves. Our high-quality, manual or fully automated valves for industry ensure targeted distribution of media flow in pipe systems, precise regulation of pressure and flow, and accurate measurement of operating conditions.








About plastic valves:

Why plastic? Valves for industry should meet special characteristics.

As example, plastic valves show an excellent chemical resistance and depending on the material perfect values for high purity applications as semiconductor or life-science technologies. Furthermore, plastics are characterized by low weight - on average, plastics are at least 5x lighter than their metallic counterparts. The same applies to valves lined with plastic - the body is made of metal here as well. In addition, all-plastic valves have much fewer disadvantages when it comes to diffusing media - even if the body made of plastic is diffused, no metallic body appears, which could then corrode.

Valves for industrial applications have to provide enormous stability. In addition, plastic valves are largely resistant to incrustation due to their smoth surface. Let's take metal as an example - here, incrustations could form very quickly. You guessed right - this will not happen to you with our plastic valves !

There are so many types of plastic - here we do not leave you alone. Depending on your initial situation, we assist you choose the right plastic valves. For every challenge, there is a suitable solution at FRANK!

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