All about geothermal energy

Use the free geothermal energy for heating and cooling buildings!

Geothermie Anwendungsbeispiele

Use the free energy out of the ground for heating and cooling buildings:

To use energy out of the ground, the FRANK GET system offers various options for clean and future-proof geothermal energy.

Erdwärmesonden bis 400 m Bohrtiefe

Geothermal probes:
For drilling depths up to 400m

VTP (Vertical Thermpipe)

For limited drilling depths


Collector set:
Geothermal energy without drilling

WET (Wasserwärmetauscher)

Geothermal energy from lakes and rivers


Geothermal energy from waste water and soil

What is geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy is the thermal energy stored in the ground which is constantly being recharged like a battery by heat from the Earth's core and - close to the surface - by solar radiation. In our part of the world, the Earth maintains a constant temperature of 8 to 12 °C at a depth of 10 meters all year round.

This temperature level is suitable for both energy-saving building heating with heat pumps and also building cooling.
Through the use of geothermal energy, modern heat pumps convert one kilowatt hour of electricity into up to four or more kilowatt hours of thermal energy. Using a geothermal heat pump thus also saves considerable amounts of fossil energy and significantly reduces CO₂ emissions.

Geothermal energy:

  • is technically mature
  • reduced CO₂ emissions is making it environmentally friendly and climate-friendly
  • the geothermal energy source is sustainable and inexhaustible
  • is independent from fossil fuels
  • in addition to heating, passive cooling is also possible
  • low maintenance
  • ensures security of energy supply, because it is available on the own property

Ground source heat pump system with geothermal probes:


To fulfil the requirements of the European renewable energy directive and the resutant national renewable energy action plans heat pump systems get a real high importance.

For example in germany the implementation of an building energy label increases transparency in determining energy requirements.
Due to their efficiency advantage, houses with heat pumps can easily meet future german EnEV standards and usually reach the highest classes of the energy label, whereby the highest efficiency class (A +++) is only achieved with a ground-source heat pump.

How heatpumps works:

Geothermal System working princip

Here you find some references:


EGEC, The voice of geothermal in Europe:

Great Britain:

Ground source heat pumps (GSHP):


Platform Geotermie:


German heat pump association (BWP):
German Geothermal Association (BVG):
Samples of Buildings "Bauen auf Erdwärme":

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